On Giving Tuesday (& Beyond) Planned Acts of Kindness Practices What It Preaches

COVID-19 is devastating families around the world. Author, Lyle Benjamin is giving away the book “Legacy Lifelines” Memorial edition to every family that has lost a loved one due to the virus: Allowing them to better connect with the joyous times in that person’s life.

(New York, New York) Over the past months, people all over the world have experienced unprecedented pain and grief due to COVID-19 and the pandemic. Amid all the heart-shattering events and stories, there is a common thread that runs through everyone touched by the virus: A profound sense of loss.

7.7 billion people on this planet collectively lost their peace of mind facing an uncertain future. For the billions of people experiencing shelter-in-place, they lost their freedom. Hundreds of millions have lost their income as their livelihood evaporated. Worldwide, tens of millions infected with COVID-19 have lost their wellness stability. Millions afflicted with mild cases of the virus lost their sense of wellness security. Hundreds of thousands of people sickened and hospitalized for days, lost any feelings of invulnerability they might have once had. And for the hundreds of thousands that died? They lost a future shared with loved ones.

Everyone has been “infected” with some degree of loss. But the people surrounding the smallest group are the ones that have been damaged the most. The survivors of the people that died are the ones whose lives are forever damaged by that loss. Over time, we can recover from financial losses. We can heal physically from many truly tragic events, but the pain and suffering we feel from the sudden loss of a loved one can follow us to the grave.

Lyle Benjamin, Author, and Founder of the volunteer non-profit organization, Planned Acts of Kindness (PlannedActs.Org), has written the book “Legacy Lifelines: Memorial” designed to create lasting connections of joy and happiness between the living and their loved one.

Benjamin has pledged to give away the book for free to every family — in the world — that lost a family member due to COVID-19.

“People that have lost family have been absolutely *devasted by this virus. My heart goes out to them. And if I can make their suffering a little bit more bearable by having them connect with the joyous times in that person’s life, we can help create a legacy that will live on for generations. And maybe one day, the pain can be replaced by tears of happiness when they revisit their loved one through the book.”

If you have lost a family member through COVID-19 or know someone that has, go to LegacyLineClubs.Com to register for the free book.

“We are all in this together,” Benjamin adds. “We have one planet and one people on the planet. If we don’t start acting like it, Quality of Life around the world will tremendously different for the remaining 7 billion.”

If you wish to volunteer, donate, or learn about the initiatives of Benjamin’s NPO, visit www.PlannedActs.Org or contact Robert Adamo (917 683-2625), Help@PlannedActs.Org.

*Benjamin lost his father, step-mother, and sister in a private plane crash.

Lyle Benjamin is an Author, Educator, and Social Responsibility Entrepreneur working to build collaborative systems to solve global social issues. He is the Founder of the Non-Profit Organization, Planned Acts of Kindness (PlannedActs.Org), and the One Planet One People Movement (OnePeople-OnePlanet.Com). Benjamin is the past publisher of Relationships Today magazine, and the creator of the best-selling board game, Romantic Journey.


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